Boiler Types and Efficiency

Do you how what the term “boiler efficiency” stands for? Boiler efficiency is a percentage difference between energy that was supplied to the boiler and energy output produced by boiler. Boiler efficiences are very important for boiler users as higher efficiency is lower the gas/electricity/water bill will be. Nowadays almost 30% of total bill amount is actually covered by gas used for heating your house, using a boiler with efficiences of 93-94% like Vokera Linea or Compact A will help you reduce those bills by minimum 10%, and if you have a boiler than more than 7 years old, the saving will be up to 25%. In this case the cost of new boiler will return in less than 18 months, not mentioning the repair cost you would have to cover if your old boiler would start to break.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new boiler and you would like to compare old and new boiler efficiencies you should use following site to do it: official SEDBUK site. After you checked and compared efficiencies you will most probably want to contact Vokera customer service and request a new Vokera boiler model. Sales representatives will be able to advice which of the newest models based on size and condition of your house is best for you.

All Vokera boilers are being installed in a couple of hours only, all boiler are A class efficient for energy and most models are A efficient for water too. They all have the lowest NOx emission- class 5. Vokera Combi boilers are low in weight- 29-42 kg and can easily fit into the kitchen cupboard, no additional external or internal storage tank needed, and no extra ventilation channels are needed. Most of the models are condensed boiler with minimum fuel usage for receiving the same temperature of hot water in comparing to standard boiler. Vokera, like any other gas boilers require an annual check up service, that takes few hours, during which qualified Gas Safe Registered person will do some checkup, cleaning, and replace the parts if needed. Vokera offers from 2 up to 7 years warranty on boilers- currently it is 7 years for Linea model.

If you can’t decide which model to chose, you will find our recommendation below. It is based of efficiences as well as the size of your house:

  • small and middle size house Combi solution (hot water and central heating) should consider Compact A Combi with an output of 20 or 25 kW
  • middle size and bigger houses Combi solution (hot water and central heating) should consider Linea One Combi with an output of 30 and 38 kW
  • middle size and bigger houses System solution (central heating only) should consider Mynute 35HE with an output of 35 kW
  • small houses and apartments for System solution (central heating only) should consider Vision S boilers with an output of 20 and 25 kW
  • big and huge houses and commercial usage real estates for System solution (central heating only) should consider Verve model with an output of 47 kW

Some reasons why to replace your old boiler with new Vokera model:

  1. Very good quality for the pice provided
  2. Long warranty period
  3. Excellent customer service, prior sales and post installation service
  4. Best gas efficiencies on the market for Compact A 93% and Linea 94%
  5. Maual and digital control and dianostics
  6. Can be mixed with the renewable solution
  7. Can be ordered as a whole system including radiators and pipes