Vokera Flowmatic boiler problem with oil nozzle

Hello Folks,

I have bought and installed a Vokera Flowmatic boiler five years ago. From last few days, I am noticing that its nozzle is having some issue and due to this, it is not working properly. Furthermore, oil is dripping from the nozzle. What is wrong with the nozzle? Someone please tell me the ways of fixing it.

Thanks for your guidance


Hi John, firstly I would like to share some possible reasons behind this issue, as it is impossible to fix any problem without knowing the exact reasons. Secondly, there is no need to worry about because it is a quite common problem.

  1. Chocked nozzle
  2. Pump filled with air
  3. Out of order drive or CHP
  4. Damaged electrical shutoff regulator
  5. Oil is not present in the central heating pump

In order to fix this problem, firstly check or even refill an expansion tank. It is important to examine or clean all the controllers & filters of the boiler as well. In worst-case scenario, replace the boiler’s oil nozzle. Well, it is always better to seek help from an experienced boiler engineer.

Vokera Linea boiler error code A06

Hi Guys,

Someone please tell the exact meaning of A06 error code as my three years old Vokera Linea boiler is showing this error code from last four days. I have tried to fix it after reading the user guide but there is no visible difference. What else should I do?

Anyone, idea?


Hi Andrew,

According to the Vokera Linea boiler user guide, your boiler is having an issue with the DHW sensor. Whenever your boiler shows this error code, it simply means that the printed circuit board has found a problem with the domestic hot water sensor. It is possible that the domestic hot water sensor is just out of order & needs a replacement. In spite of this, sometimes you can face this problem due to a connection and wiring issue. If connections and wirings are loose or even damaged, then it is better a call boiler engineer.

Vokera Compact Combi boiler is cutting down repeatedly

Hello All,

My two years old Vokera Compact combi boiler keeps cutting down occasionally. My boiler work perfectly for some time like for 1-2 hours but after that, I have to face this issue. I have turned off the Vokera boiler and restarted it several times but it is not a permanent way out. My boiler is under warranty, as it is just two years old so, should I replace it or call a service center directly. Need your help on an urgent basis.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions


Hi Colin,

Some common reasons behind this problem are as follows:

  • Out of order thermostat
  • Frozen or chocked condensate pipe
  • Radiators have air trapped in them

Well, a highly common and disturbing reason is an out of order central heating pump. This pump is very important for having a balanced supply of a hot water in our homes & when it becomes faulty, all the hot water stays in your boiler. Therefore, because of this, your Vokera boiler is cutting down repeatedly. Better to call a boiler engineer

Vokera linea boiler’s noisy pipes

Hi Everyone,

I have bought and installed my Vokera Linea boiler five years ago. The boiler worked well and highly recommended when it comes to efficiency. However, unfortunately, from the last few hours, some strange and annoying sounds are coming directly from the boiler’s pipes. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. What else should I do?

Thanks in advance


Hello Smith, these annoying and strange sounds are well thought-out as a clear sign of kettling. Generally, you have to face this problem due to an insufficient pressure of water, out of order thermostat and sludge/limescale buildup. All these can cause persistent issues in the boiler’s central heating system. Moreover, another reason behind it is a pump failure and low pressure of the water. It is better to contact a skilled boiler engineer for fixing the problem in a professional way.

Vokera Flowmatic boiler error code A08

Hello Folks,

My newly bought and installed Vokera Flowmatic boiler is displaying an AO8 error code from last few days. What does it mean? I have tried to fix it but no success. What should I do rectify this annoying this problem?



Hi Brian,

This error code means your boiler is having a “temperature differential problem”. It happens when flow pipe becomes colder than a return pipe. Another common cause is that a return thermistor is out of order. Luckily, thermistors are low priced and you can replace them easily. However, firstly call a boiler engineer and ask him to test a NTC thermistor. If the thermistor is giving the right readings then, it is possibly due to the faulty PCB rather than a thermistor.

Vokera Compact Combi boiler error code A01 or 10


My Vokera Compact combi boiler is just one year old and an error code A01/10 is displaying on the control panel repeatedly from last few hours. I have restarted it but it did not make any difference as an error code is still there and interfering with the smooth working of the boiler. What is the reason? Guide please

Thanks for the suggestions


Hi Sandra, according to this error code your Vokera compact boiler has recognized that there is something wrong with the boiler when it comes to ignition & few basic things are responsible for it. The common cause is a damaged ignition lead & the gas controller. On a safe side, call a Vokera compact boiler engineer and ask him to find out whether the problem lies with an ignition leads, PCB or gas controller. Once the exact reason is identified, he will be in a better position to guide you further.

Vokera Linea boiler faulty PCB

Hello Folks,

My two years-old Vokera Linea boiler is not working properly from the last five days, as its printed circuit board is not responding. Besides, its display panel has no power as well. What could be a possible reason behind it? Any tested/verified solution would be highly appreciated

Thank a lot


Hello Dave, for the proper functioning of the different electronic parts of a boiler printed circuit board is very important. Various things are held accountable behind the failure of printed circuit board therefore; it is quite difficult for you to find errors in the PCB. The best and recommended way is to contact an experienced boiler engineer. He will run the few basic yet significant electrical tests with the help of a multimeter. In order to find out a root cause, check for the leaks and cracks and jammed repaired joints.

Vokera Flowmatic boiler’s explosive ignition

Hi Everyone,

My three years-old Vokera Flowmatic boiler is facing an issue of explosive ignition. I have not faced this problem earlier therefore; I do not have any idea that what is wrong with the boiler. What should I do to make the boiler work again? Should I restart the boiler or call a boiler engineer?

Thanks in advance


Well William, your boiler is facing a very dangerous problem and therefore, it is better to get it fixed immediately. The boiler is having this issue due to the two following reasons:

  • Compressed pilot flame
  • Out of order slow ignition control device

You can try the following way outs:

  • For out of order slow ignition control device, replacement is recommended
  • If pilot flame is compressed, clean or replaces the boiler’s pilot injector assembly

Vokera Compact Combi boiler error code 41

Hello Folks,

I have a five years old Vokera compact combi boiler. It was working well but now it shows a 41-error code whenever I turn on the boiler. The boiler is not working properly as well. I have tried to fix this issue after reading the user manual but I think I am lacking somewhere. Has someone faced this issue? If yes then please tell me the ways of fixing this issue.



Hi James,

A 41-error code error code is quite common on a Vokera compact boiler and it deals with one of the extremely problem i.e. “low pressure”. You can get rid of this code by topping up the pressure with the help of filling loop but it will not solve the problem completely. It is quite difficult to identify the leak in the boiler as it can come from the range of components like:

  • Expansion vessel
  • Radiator controllers, towel rails and radiators
  • Gate valves and stop taps
  • Central heating pump

Do call a boiler engineer and once he identified the exact reason behind it, ask him to fix it with the replacement immediately.

Vokera Linea Boiler Error Code A03

Hi All,

My newly bought and installed Vokera Linea boiler is showing an A03 error code since last night. I have restarted the boiler in order to make it work again but no success. What else should I do? Someone please help me on an urgent basis

Thanks a lot for your precious time and suggestions


Hi Roy,

According to the Vokera Boiler’s user guide, A03 error code indicates the problem with a fan. It is better to call a skilled boiler engineer and ask him to diagnose the actual reason behind it. Sometimes, it is not required to replace the whole fan. Well, the highly common reason behind it; are the worn out bearings. You can replace them easily by buying the spares kits. It is important to mention that if the boiler’s fan is moving without restrictions then, it is probably a wiring problem. By using the multimeter, a boiler engineer will check to determine where the power drops.