Vokera Compact Combi boiler error code 41

Hello Folks,

I have a five years old Vokera compact combi boiler. It was working well but now it shows a 41-error code whenever I turn on the boiler. The boiler is not working properly as well. I have tried to fix this issue after reading the user manual but I think I am lacking somewhere. Has someone faced this issue? If yes then please tell me the ways of fixing this issue.



Hi James,

A 41-error code error code is quite common on a Vokera compact boiler and it deals with one of the extremely problem i.e. “low pressure”. You can get rid of this code by topping up the pressure with the help of filling loop but it will not solve the problem completely. It is quite difficult to identify the leak in the boiler as it can come from the range of components like:

  • Expansion vessel
  • Radiator controllers, towel rails and radiators
  • Gate valves and stop taps
  • Central heating pump

Do call a boiler engineer and once he identified the exact reason behind it, ask him to fix it with the replacement immediately.