Vokera Compact Combi boiler error code A01 or 10


My Vokera Compact combi boiler is just one year old and an error code A01/10 is displaying on the control panel repeatedly from last few hours. I have restarted it but it did not make any difference as an error code is still there and interfering with the smooth working of the boiler. What is the reason? Guide please

Thanks for the suggestions


Hi Sandra, according to this error code your Vokera compact boiler has recognized that there is something wrong with the boiler when it comes to ignition & few basic things are responsible for it. The common cause is a damaged ignition lead & the gas controller. On a safe side, call a Vokera compact boiler engineer and ask him to find out whether the problem lies with an ignition leads, PCB or gas controller. Once the exact reason is identified, he will be in a better position to guide you further.