Vokera Compact Combi boiler is cutting down repeatedly

Hello All,

My two years old Vokera Compact combi boiler keeps cutting down occasionally. My boiler work perfectly for some time like for 1-2 hours but after that, I have to face this issue. I have turned off the Vokera boiler and restarted it several times but it is not a permanent way out. My boiler is under warranty, as it is just two years old so, should I replace it or call a service center directly. Need your help on an urgent basis.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions


Hi Colin,

Some common reasons behind this problem are as follows:

  • Out of order thermostat
  • Frozen or chocked condensate pipe
  • Radiators have air trapped in them

Well, a highly common and disturbing reason is an out of order central heating pump. This pump is very important for having a balanced supply of a hot water in our homes & when it becomes faulty, all the hot water stays in your boiler. Therefore, because of this, your Vokera boiler is cutting down repeatedly. Better to call a boiler engineer