Vokera Flowmatic Boiler leaking central heating pump

Hello Everyone,

I am suspecting leaks from my five years old Vokera Flowmatic boiler’s central heating pump. I have tried to fix it but I guess the problem is still there. If someone has faced this issue, then please share your views & please help

Thanks in Advance


Well James, boiler always leak due to various reasons & an extremely common reason is problems with the central heating pump. It can be down to improper installation & a blown lid because of inappropriate pressure settings. Do consider the below-given fix:

  • Firstly, do confirm that the central heating pump is safe. In case it is not, just tighten it up, as sometimes it is enough for stopping a leak.
  • Now, check the fitting. Most of the times, corrosion is a main culprit behind the leak. In this case, you have fit a new central heating up.
  • Lastly, check different joints on the central heating pump. If joints are leaking then, there is a chance that seal on the central heating up is blown.


Here, you have two options either replace a pump or replace a seal. As you said that boiler is five years old, therefore I guess the replacement is a better option.