Vokera Linea Boiler Error Code A03

Hi All,

My newly bought and installed Vokera Linea boiler is showing an A03 error code since last night. I have restarted the boiler in order to make it work again but no success. What else should I do? Someone please help me on an urgent basis

Thanks a lot for your precious time and suggestions


Hi Roy,

According to the Vokera Boiler’s user guide, A03 error code indicates the problem with a fan. It is better to call a skilled boiler engineer and ask him to diagnose the actual reason behind it. Sometimes, it is not required to replace the whole fan. Well, the highly common reason behind it; are the worn out bearings. You can replace them easily by buying the spares kits. It is important to mention that if the boiler’s fan is moving without restrictions then, it is probably a wiring problem. By using the multimeter, a boiler engineer will check to determine where the power drops.