Vokera Linea boiler error code A06

Hi Guys,

Someone please tell the exact meaning of A06 error code as my three years old Vokera Linea boiler is showing this error code from last four days. I have tried to fix it after reading the user guide but there is no visible difference. What else should I do?

Anyone, idea?


Hi Andrew,

According to the Vokera Linea boiler user guide, your boiler is having an issue with the DHW sensor. Whenever your boiler shows this error code, it simply means that the printed circuit board has found a problem with the domestic hot water sensor. It is possible that the domestic hot water sensor is just out of order & needs a replacement. In spite of this, sometimes you can face this problem due to a connection and wiring issue. If connections and wirings are loose or even damaged, then it is better a call boiler engineer.