Vokera Linea Boiler not working

Hello Folks,

I wanted to get quick help regarding my three years old Vokera Linea Boiler. The boiler was working fine until last night but now boiler is not working properly. Is something serious? Your kind suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Looking forward



Hi Mark,

The boiler usually stops working because of numerous reasons. However, in few cases, the boiler fails to work properly just because of some electrical issues. Well, for detailed investigation do consider & check the below-mentioned things:

  • It is quite possible that boiler’s electrical supply have turned off. If this is a case, just switch it on & reset your boiler.
  • Sometimes just a reset is required especially when electrical supply has cut down few moments ago.
  • Lastly, you can fix several electrical letdowns with the help of soft reset. It means you just have to turn off your boiler & then turn it on immediately.