Vokera Linea Boiler short cycling issue

Hi Folks,

What should be done when Boiler starts doing short cycling? I have Vokera Linea boiler, which is almost four years old. The boiler fires up easily for about thirty seconds and afterward cuts down quickly. Furthermore, it is becoming difficult for the radiators & hot water to get lukewarm. I need help on urgent basis.

Thanks a lot


Hi Richard,

The boiler always faces short cycling when it’s minimum firing & boiling exceeds the current load. For preventing the short cycling in future, do check the below-given things:

  • Firstly, have an eye on accurate grounding of the Vokera Linea boiler
  • Secondly, always try to have a correct water flow in the boiler
  • Check for the choked air inlet positioned on concentric expelling system
  • Lastly, always check air in the boiler

I hope after checking these, you will fix the problem easily.