Vokera linea boiler’s noisy pipes

Hi Everyone,

I have bought and installed my Vokera Linea boiler five years ago. The boiler worked well and highly recommended when it comes to efficiency. However, unfortunately, from the last few hours, some strange and annoying sounds are coming directly from the boiler’s pipes. I have restarted the boiler many times but all in vain. What else should I do?

Thanks in advance


Hello Smith, these annoying and strange sounds are well thought-out as a clear sign of kettling. Generally, you have to face this problem due to an insufficient pressure of water, out of order thermostat and sludge/limescale buildup. All these can cause persistent issues in the boiler’s central heating system. Moreover, another reason behind it is a pump failure and low pressure of the water. It is better to contact a skilled boiler engineer for fixing the problem in a professional way.