Vokera Combi Compact turns heating itself


I have a Vokera Combi boiler Compact that is 7 years old, and it went crazy last two weeks. By crazy I mean it switches itself on and off when it wants. We had it pre-programmed/ set up to start heating at 4 p.m everyday and finish at 5 a.m and it should produce 20  degrees, but what is happening now is anything just not that. Radiators are warm at 11 a.m and cold at 9 p.m. Any idea what has happened here?


Hi Lewis

If your radiators are heating up, not only boilers start to work it will be the thermistor issue, and it will need to be replaced. Normally thermistor is connected with the ani-frost thermostat and both calibration should be incorporated. After replacing both thermistor and thermostat will need to be re-calibrated.


Vokera Compact Combi loosing pressure


I have a Vokera Combi model Compact A, and it is 6 years old, no longer under warranty. I did not experience any issues with it, really it was very nice and cost efficient boiler so far… unfortunately last week it started to break. When I went to the boiler to see what is going on, I saw that the pressure needle was down (located on the left, was under 0.5 bar). Ok, I thought I found the issue, I re-filled system pressure using directions from this site- troubleshooting section, and it was all fine… till next evening when I realized that radiators are not so warm… again. I went down to see what is wrong at the boiler and you know what? Pressure needle was again on red 0.5 bar. Can someone help? What is causing system loosing the pressure over 24 hours?


Hi Dan,

Most obvious reason for loosing the pressure is leak. You need to find it, if it is not a puddle under your boiler, the leak will be inside of your boiler, you need to get the cover off and check where the water is- that is where the fault is. Most probably this part will need to be replaced, in some cases additional parts that got in touch with water will need to be replaced too.


Vokera Linea not working, no ignition

Hi All

I have Volkera Combi boiler model Linea, which is almost 3 years old. Today I woke up and there was no hot water. I went down to check what is going on with the boiler and I could see fault message 01. I hoped that simple restarting will fix the issue… well, it didn’t. I looks like boiler can’t ignite. Has some an idea what may be wrong and how to fix it fast?

Best Regards


Hi Ben,

Code 10 on Linea boilers means that there is an ignition issue- so you were right, and indeed restarting won’t solve the issue. I assume you hear the spark, but no ignition follows it. There may be one of the two things: either PCB or one of the valves- solenoid or gas valve. Neither of this is an easy job, so unless you are an expert (go with direction from troubleshooting part of this webpage), call a local specialist that will come determine which one is it and fix it right away. It shouldn’t be more than 2 hours job for an experienced person.


Vokera Flowmatic no hot water

Hi All

I have a Vokera boiler model called Flowmatic, it is 6 years old. Today morning I got really irritated once I realized there is no hot water, the water is hardly warm. No error message, no nothing. Has anyone an idea what is wrong? Central heating is working normally.

Best Regards


Hi Joe,

I am not an expert, but usually you get a luke water while central heating is on and working when there is an issue with a diverter valve. You will need to replace it. It is a huge work to be done, so if you are not an expert I would advice you to call for local professional as you may end up with replacing not only diverter valve but also disphragm washer, fan and burner- as it was in my case when I started to work on the boiler myself…

Vokera Linea radiators not hot enough

Hi Folks,

I have a Vokera boiler model Linea and it is 3 years old, and is serviced yearly. So far we had no problems with it, but lately radiators weren’t as hot as during the previous winters. Yesterday radiators were so luke that I decided to check if there’s nothing wrong with the boiler itself. Boiler shows error 40/41. What does it mean? How to solve it without calling a service guy again?



Hi Ryan

Code 40/41 means that the pressure levels are to low. Is there a puddle of water under your boiler? There are two basic reasons for low pressure one is leak, second is no water refill during the annual servicing. Whichever case is here, system will need to be re-filled. It is an activity you could perform yourself by following directions included in troubleshoot part of this site or you can call for a local Gas Safe Registered guy, if you are not an expert in boilers.



Vokera Compact A error 03

Hi Guys

I have a Volkera Combi boiler model Compact A, it is about 5 years old and out of warranty… unfortunately. We had no problems with it till today, when we realized that there is no hot water and what’s more irritating- no heating. Went down to the boiler room to check what is going on and boiler is off, showing error message 03. I tried restarting- no luck. Any idea what’s wrong and how to fix it?



Hi Will,

A03 fault means “fan fault”. Because you said that your boiler is 5 years old, I would assume it simply worn down by the time, so the only good solution is simply fan replacement. If you are not a boiler specialist you may want to call an expert (Gas Safe registered local specialist) that will come and replace fan. Specialist will need to check all the wiring to and from PCB- to make sure it is not PCB fault on the top of the problems with fan.