Vokera Linea Boiler short cycling issue

Hi Folks,

What should be done when Boiler starts doing short cycling? I have Vokera Linea boiler, which is almost four years old. The boiler fires up easily for about thirty seconds and afterward cuts down quickly. Furthermore, it is becoming difficult for the radiators & hot water to get lukewarm. I need help on urgent basis.

Thanks a lot


Hi Richard,

The boiler always faces short cycling when it’s minimum firing & boiling exceeds the current load. For preventing the short cycling in future, do check the below-given things:

  • Firstly, have an eye on accurate grounding of the Vokera Linea boiler
  • Secondly, always try to have a correct water flow in the boiler
  • Check for the choked air inlet positioned on concentric expelling system
  • Lastly, always check air in the boiler

I hope after checking these, you will fix the problem easily.

Vokera Compact Combi Boiler no central heating

Hi All,

I have a five years old Vokera compact combi boiler. My problem is quite complicated as I am getting the required hot water but there is no central heating. Moreover, heating works fine just for few seconds. I have tried to set the boiler’s thermostat but the problem persists. Has someone faced this issue? Please share your views

Thanks in Advance


Hi Wilson,

The problem could be due to various things ranging from limescale build & NTC thermistors to the badly stuck diverter valve. If there is no any major issue then, simply replacing a diverter valve will serve the purpose. However, it is better to seek help & advice from a professional boiler engineer to solve this issue in a better and wise manner.

Vokera Linea Boiler not working

Hello Folks,

I wanted to get quick help regarding my three years old Vokera Linea Boiler. The boiler was working fine until last night but now boiler is not working properly. Is something serious? Your kind suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Looking forward



Hi Mark,

The boiler usually stops working because of numerous reasons. However, in few cases, the boiler fails to work properly just because of some electrical issues. Well, for detailed investigation do consider & check the below-mentioned things:

  • It is quite possible that boiler’s electrical supply have turned off. If this is a case, just switch it on & reset your boiler.
  • Sometimes just a reset is required especially when electrical supply has cut down few moments ago.
  • Lastly, you can fix several electrical letdowns with the help of soft reset. It means you just have to turn off your boiler & then turn it on immediately.

Vokera Flowmatic Boiler fault code A11

Hi Guys,

I have bought the Vokera Flowmatic boiler seven years ago. Last night, I got extremely frustrated when I turn it on. The boiler is showing an error code A11. I have restarted it many times but still it is showing the same error code. I do not have any information about it that is why I am here to get some valuable suggestions.



Hi Ben,

An error code A11 deals with false flame. When this happens, the boiler constantly senses the flame when there is no need for a burner to operate. Well, the common reason behind this fault code is a sticking gas valve. As you said that, your boiler is seven years old & this problem is quite common in old boilers. I would advise calling a boiler repair expert in order to replace the gas valve.

Vokera Linea Boiler illuminating both green and red lights

My two-year’s old Vokera Linea boiler is flashing green & red lights intermittently. I have not faced this issue before. What is the matter? Someone, please help

Thanks a lot


Hi Dave,

Well, when both green and red lights are on then, there is a list of issues. The below-given could be a case whether these lights are flashing or solid.

  • The boiler’s pressure is too low or high
  • The boiler is badly stuck in the service mode
  • Sensors checking heating temp have failed

In case, it is a water pressure then, there is a better chance that these lights are flashing off & on together just for a minute at a given time. Check the above-mentioned things & do contact a professional boiler engineer for additional help.

Vokera Linea Boiler no power

Hello Everybody,

I have a Vokera Linea Boiler, which is now five years old. I have not faced any major issue up until now when it comes to its performance. However, from last few days, it is giving me a tough time whenever I try to run it. The boiler has no power. I have checked all the important components of the boiler apparently, everything seems fine. Somebody, please help me to rectify the problem.



Hello John, this issue is quite common. Some important reasons behind this issue are as follows:

  • Tripped RCD
  • Blown Fuse
  • Failure of PCB
  • Broken fused spur
  • Major power breakdown

Well, before working on the main issue, you have to know the exact reason causing the issue. Once the problem is fixed, do reset your boiler.

Vokera Compact Combi Error Code 95

Hi Folks,

Someone, please help me as my boiler is showing an error code 95 frequently. I have restarted it several times but all in vain. What else should I do to make it work again?



Hi Rob,

Ironically, an error code 95, which is displayed on the Vokera compact combi boiler, relates to an issue majority of the boilers face at some stage i.e., Condensate blockages. You can fix it at home. If it is cold, just go outside & pour some hot water on a condensate pipe. Afterward, drain the condensate pipe into the container. Carefully, reset the settings of the boiler. As a result, your problem will be resolved & boiler will start working again.

Vokera Flowmatic Boiler leaking central heating pump

Hello Everyone,

I am suspecting leaks from my five years old Vokera Flowmatic boiler’s central heating pump. I have tried to fix it but I guess the problem is still there. If someone has faced this issue, then please share your views & please help

Thanks in Advance


Well James, boiler always leak due to various reasons & an extremely common reason is problems with the central heating pump. It can be down to improper installation & a blown lid because of inappropriate pressure settings. Do consider the below-given fix:

  • Firstly, do confirm that the central heating pump is safe. In case it is not, just tighten it up, as sometimes it is enough for stopping a leak.
  • Now, check the fitting. Most of the times, corrosion is a main culprit behind the leak. In this case, you have fit a new central heating up.
  • Lastly, check different joints on the central heating pump. If joints are leaking then, there is a chance that seal on the central heating up is blown.


Here, you have two options either replace a pump or replace a seal. As you said that boiler is five years old, therefore I guess the replacement is a better option.

Vokera Linea error code A04


My newly bought Vokera Linea is displaying an error code i.e. A04 since morning. Due to this, the boiler is not working properly. What should I do? Someone, please help

Thanks a lot


Hi Ray,

Error code A04 deals with boiler’s low pressure & is quite common on Vokera Linea boilers so nothing to worry about. Boiler, which lacks pressure, cannot work properly. In extreme scenario, there could be the leakages in the boiler’s central heating system. You can get rid of this problem by simply topping up a boiler with the help of filling loop; however, it will not fix the problem. It is better to call a qualified boiler engineer for detailed inspection.

Vokera Compact Combi Boiler making strange noises

Hi All,

I have purchased my Vokera compact combi boiler two years ago. It worked well but now from last three or four days, it is generating some strange sounds whenever I use it. These sounds are quite loud however; the volume goes down after few minutes. I just wanted to know, is it something serious or it is normal for the boiler to produce these sounds.

Thanks for your kind suggestions


Hello William, this issue is termed as kettling. With respect to kettling, popping or banging noises are quite common. It is normally caused by the limescale buildup & even corrosion remains becoming overheated onto the inner surfaces of the boiler’s heat exchanger thus, leading to limited boiling. I would advise descaling and power flushing the boiler